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Dr. Christopher Kelley
Dr. Christopher Kelley

Christopher Kelley holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University where he studied Tibetan Buddhism under Professor Robert A. F. Thurman. Kelley has taught a variety of innovative courses and workshops that examine Buddhist ideas and practices in the context of contemplative studies, palliative care and dying, science and technology, ethics and human rights, psychedelics and mystical experience, dark comedy, art, literature, and comparative philosophy. He holds a part-time teaching position at Brooklyn College, New York University and The New School University. He also conducts public lectures and workshops at the Rubin Museum of Art, The Asia Society (Houston), and the Charles B. Wang Center (Stony Brook University). He is a co-organizer of Consciousness Hacking NYC, the founder of the Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy, and served as the director of two international conferences on Buddhist philosophy: Mind and Reality (Columbia University, 2006) and Contemporary Perspectives on Buddhist Ethics (Columbia University, 2011).


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New York, NY, United States


Welcome to Consciousness Hacking NYC! We invite you to come visit our grassroots meetup group for learning and sharing new ideas and technologies that empower individuals to “hack” into their own consciousness in order to effectuate real spiritual transformation. We convene monthly meetings at The Brooklyn Yoga Club and The Alchemist’s Kitchen. Look for us on Meetup.com to find out when and where the next meeting will be.

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