Business & Tech in Collective Awakening

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25. 04. 2016 Written by Gareth Gwyn

At a previous San Francisco meet up, participants heard from Joe Hudson about how both business and technology, together, are the nutrients needed for the seed of self-awareness growing around the world. In this session, Joe explains how it’s not a question of whether business and technology can help, rather that these elements are actually necessary.


Joe states, “If buddha knew what he was doing, we’d all be awake right now.” In this provocative thought, we are led to question even the greatest leaders in history and think deeper about what elements need to work together in harmony for the collective consciousness to expand.

One of the takeaways involves how when we contemplate the nutrients needed for a mass blossoming on this planet, it continually points back to ourselves and the nature of our own interactivity and relational ways of being.